The hero CANNOT control his sexual desire (English ver.)

I’m the hero horny man I’m horny man , the hero of this world. I don’t know why , but I was chosen as the hero and so have to defeat the Devil. …But honestly it is too troublesome for me to be the hero. I have to fight a lot of monsters and have to conquer huge dungeons … I’m sick of it!! Then I’ll go to brothel to refresh myself It is more fun to have sex than to be the hero , isn’t it? ← It is good for me to have sex with a girl like this than to be the hero. Basic Information: 44 CGs included (Non differential CGs are 35 and differential ones are 9) Expected play time:10~20min (It is easy to play!) Contains overlapping content with “The hero CANNOT control his sexual desire (RJ288403)”



Genre:Sex Industry / Soapland

Release date:05/21/2020