The Mercenary's Adventure (English Ver.)

An RPG about a newbie mercenary on a wild adventure he’s not prepared for An unfortunate encounter with a mighty demon leaves you stuck with a curse that is as silly as it is lethal, and the search for the cure will be both thrilling and difficult. * Uncover ancient conspiracies and explore the land. * Meet many beauties, some human and some not, and have sex with all of them!(100+ base HCGs) * Overcome every challenge in your way and find many secrets. Expected playtime is roughly 10 hours. This game is made with RPG Maker VX Ace. To play it you will need to install RTP(run time package) for RPG Maker VX Ace, which you can get for free from the following links: or or



Genre:Male Protagonist,Breasts,RPG Maker,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot

Release date:02/27/2021