English subtitles available in this game. Click your mouse and touch the body like a goddess statue! Soft Body hidden in Metal Skin! Touch and manage her body. Reaction by LIV2D & VOICE. Texture can be selected. Build up pleasure and unleash it all at once! Warm up her cold body! * Beware of petrified vaginas. * Beware of turning yourself into Biological Unit. Player is trapped in he bottom of a dungeon during a treasure hunt, and then her discovers “Sphinx” the control unit. Player examines her body, and attempts to activate the escape device… Player Character (CV: Kumiko Okugawa) She is a treasure hunter, and has a good deal of intelligence, strength and vitality…but careless. Sphinx (CV: Ryou Suzuki) “Sphinx, Keeper of Death and Mausoleum” dedicated herself to Ancient Emperor as Biological Unit. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:egig ere faundation


Genre:Female Protagonist,Touch / Feel,Collar / Chain / Restraints,Elf / Fairy,Petrifaction,Lesbian,Restraint,Machine Sex

Release date:12/23/2023