Garrison: One Man Army

Introduction Lieber, a mimetic weapon made from the fusion of AI and the soul of a good person. It was called angel, or consumable by us. And you, as a member of the Self-Defense Forces called Alima, would replace the full-service comrades who are guarding D23 area. You took the assigned Lieber and went to the originally calm coast… How to play is a photorealistic first person shooting game including sexual contents. The endings depend on whether you can clear 35 waves of monsters within 40 days. Lieber provides fire support in the battle. You can upgrade its status by collected energy during intercourse. Arsenal There’re six equipable and upgradable weapons, which will take extra damage to specific armor type (Shell/Nudity/Metal). Gatling base doesn’t have ammo limitation. You just need to notice its temperature when use it. Once you clear a wave, you have chance to continue next wave or retreat actively. Beware if you exit an on-going wave or defeated, only half of your collected energy will be reserved. Sexual content Increase cumming gauge by clicking Lieber’s body in the “Gym” section. If one part is touched many times in short time, gauge will not increase. Switch camera modes between rotating mode and movement mode by clicking “F” key. Others Japanese and English are available. Please try the demo before you buy it. If you have any advice or encounter any bugs, please fill out the form here: (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Breasts,3D Works,Personification,Pure Love,War / Battlefield,Internal Cumshot,Outdoor Exposure,Blonde Hair

Release date:04/23/2023