How to Fix Inverted Nipples

Summary *Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase. Break the blocks and she’ll start to moan… and to change. The illustration is different every stage! What happens if you clear Hard Mode…? Beat it once to unlock auto-mode in the stage select! You won’t even have to do anything to make her cum! 6 different stages 3 different difficulty modes 1 stage in the trial version Your life resets to 3 on each stage. You can press the Cancel key (mouse wheel down) to reset your ball at any time, but it will be lost. Glasses Variations Every hit will arouse her more, and the hornier she gets, the more items appear! 7 Different Items! Replenish one life point (MAX 5). Temporarily lengthens the bar. Temporarily shortens the bar. Temporarily increases ball speed. Temporarily decreases ball speed. Temporarily allows the ball to pass through blocks and clouds. The ball stops. Aim where you want! (Not available in auto mode)

Circle:Aplysia of still 18 years old


Genre:Breasts,Successive Orgasms,Glasses,Ahegao / Gapeface,Sexual Training,Erotic Sexual Denial,Short Hair,Big Breasts

Release date:12/24/2021