Shooting Chicken Insanity Chickens

Shoot those chickens! Kohei Gallery’s most controversial work is back and better than ever! Now it’s even easier to play! Enter a restaurant under siege by chickens… it’s up to waitress Haruka Higashiyama to stop them! The staff is at a loss! There are chickens running all over the restaurant! Take aim and end chaos! You may even find out just what created this mess in the first place! The shotgun packs a punch! Fight back with your shotgun, but make sure to watch your ammo! Aim for the vitals — the closer you get, the higher the score! Customize your weapon! Use points to strengthen your gun! Upgrade your ammo capacity, range, reload speed, and more to take on new challenges! Evolving stages! Be careful in dimly-lit stages or places with obstacles! Keep calm — the further you get, the more chickens will appear!



Genre:Abnormal / Perverted,RPG Maker,Cosplay,Waitress,Gag / Joke,Madness

Release date:07/18/2021