Touhou Huā shang pò ~Cirno~

Clothing destruction, Touhou-style! A strip-shooting game featuring characters from Touhou Project! Take control of Reimu and fight against giant monsters! Story One day, a brilliant light appeared in a dark forest. Reimu goes to check it out, but finds herself shrunken and fighting against giants! Can she defeat the monsters and illuminate the mystery? Gameplay Chip away at the arrogant giants’ dignity little by little! Give them nowhere to hide their shame! [Controls] Arrow keys/WASD: Move character Space/Z: Shoot X/CTRL: Special card (limited uses) Shift: Move slowly ESC: Pause Supports Xbox controllers Difficulty Includes multiple difficulty modes to accommodate all experience levels! Loads of enemies and unlockable characters! Play through the game to encounter all sorts of enemies, and maybe even some new characters! Use characters from other titles in the same series! Characters from Orange and Princess Wriggle are also usable!



Genre:Female Protagonist,Legs,ASMR,Touhou Project,Underwear,Ahegao / Gapeface,Big Breasts,Supersize

Release date:10/28/2022