Bicycle Confinement Laboratory - Denunciation of Sin and Proof of Love -

[Prologue] You have a puppy. A life created to be petted by humans. A life bred by humans, created by humans, and managed by humans for a lifetime. Is this really the right thing to do? I don’t know. But this puppy was born to be loved. Even if it was born to be loved and …… consumed, at least if it was loved. If it were loved enough, from the bottom of heart, I would see that as not a bad thing. So let’s begin the test. Your body is now connected to a special machine that I designed. It holds your body in place and connects your feet to the pedals as well, which are connected to a giant spinning wheel. You will have to keep pedaling. No matter what happens…… no matter what happens! Because when the pedal stops, your new family puppy will die. But don’t worry. I believe in you. I believe in a love from the bottom of your heart that overrides human karma. I believe in your love. —- I believe in your love. [Animation] By incorporating an animation program into Unity, we could create a smooth animation. (Depending on the performance of your PC, the average frame rate is 60 per second.) This gives a realistic impression of the thorough torment of the girl. In particular, the girl’s behavior as she continues pedaling her bicycle and her movements when she is shamed. You can see the realistic movements in the movie and the demo version. [Hard Violent Sex] The game goes to the extreme of shame. Slaps, punches, uppercuts, kisses, cunnilingus, blowjobs (irrumatio)… Sometimes threaten, fondle, and squeeze breasts… However, further torment is necessary to confirm the girl’s love. You have to keep pedaling, to make sure the love… Handjob, extra-thick vibrators, candles, pulling out anal beads,sex… And electric shocks… The girl screams and collapses as she pedals frantically… And of course, don’t miss the screams! The voice actor is Satsuki May. Please enjoy the powerful voice of the girl. [Parameter Simulation] There are parameters to see the girl’s condition. Depending on the parameters, the girl’s situation will change. It is up to you to make her live or die. [Others] Please confirm the operation with the trial version. The full version comes in 32 bit and 64 bit. The screen size is 1280×720. You can use the mouse to control the game. You can freely move the viewpoint and zoom. You can adjust the animation speed. You can lock the sex so that you can see the same sex over and over again. You can turn off the UI and just enjoy the animation. You can enjoy all the animations from the beginning without unlocking anything. [Secret tips] For those who only want to enjoy sex, we have included a secret tips. There is no game over, so you can shame the girl as much as you. (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Touch / Feel,Anime,Loli,Violation,Tiny Breasts,Gut Punch,Torture,Ryona / Brutal

Release date:02/04/2024