Discipline Step daughter! A cheeky step daughter is a Daddy's toy

(English product description provided by the creator.) [Simulation game] This is a simulation game that you become a step father and train (disciple) your cheeky step daughter. You can threaten and rape your step daughter who is acting bad or you can have her beg you to have sex by treating her nicely. There are two endings: Lovely ending and Brutal ending Under the multi-ending system, love your step daughter as you wish. You can see a lovely ending! [Story] A step father couldn’t get along with his wife’s daughter . At that time, Kotaro discovered that Miyako was trying to steal his money. At first, Kotaro was persuading her not to do that but he suddenly raped her who is abusing him with all sorts of foul language. Their relationship has changed then. Can the step father and the step daughter get along with each other…or will their relationship be completely broken? [Sex scenes] You can see 13 types of sex scenes of a step father and a step daughter! There are various scenes such as loss of virginity, rape, begging , etc. The sex scenes have smoothly moving animation. [Characters] ** Miyako A cheeky step daughter. She hates her step father and repels him every time. Character Voice: Satsuki Mei ** Kotaro Miyako’s step father. He is worried how he can get along with his rebellious step daughter. Text: English / Voice: Japanese



Genre:Touch / Feel,Loli,Daughter,Slice of Life / Daily Living,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Sexual Training,Rape

Release date:06/27/2021