MonMusu Clicker

Overview A monster girl themed clicker game with flirty dirty lovey sex scenes as reward for your patience! Click as you please. AFK as you wish. When the gauge fills up, enjoy some erotic monmusu sex! 14 monster girl illustration in total Approx. 1~2 hours playtime How to play? 1. Click on the monster girl/s You can obtain “hearts” by clicking on the monster girls (or simply AFKing while leaving the game running) Use those hearts to level up your items / unlocked upgrades. 2. Fill up the gauge and enter “Fever Mode” Clicking will fill up the fever gauge. When it reaches max, for a set period of time your heart obtainment rate will be 10+ times greater. An efficient way to gain LOTS of hearts. Click click click click~ 3. Level up your items, unlock upgrades Gain hearts, level up, unlock. No need to think about why you need “hearts” to do this… just relax & enjoy. 4. Create hearts by leaving the game running AFK You don’t have to click if you don’t want to. There is even an automatic clicking feature ON/OFF Also, while clicking and leaving the game running will generate hearts… not running the game at all will also see you getting bonuses the next time you run it. SUPER CASUAL! 5. Other features. Trophy system / achievements. Obtaining these will give you bonuses to your heart obtaining rate. Gallery mode: the more trophies you get, the more will be unlocked. Language switching feature: This game is available in Japanese and English.



Genre:Moe,Puni,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot

Release date:06/12/2021