NTR Hypno-Preg Academy

Summary Even though they liked you, you hypnotized them into doing dirty deeds, but as a side effect they started doing it with other guys. And you knew all of these girls, too. It wasn’t supposed to go like this…! *You don’t get any, just other guys! 2 NTR scenes for each girl, 12 total, plus 2 orgy scenes About 15 CGs including other characters Characters Your kouhai: A girl who shut herself in her room to study hypnosis. No schoolwork, just hypnosis! To her, you’re like a teacher, a senpai, and a life coach. Your female friend: A once cheery girl who locked herself in her room after getting tired of people. You’re her only friend. You hypnotized her into coming to school. Your little sister: Your younger sister who loves you a bit too much. She stopped going outside when she couldn’t make friends. All she cares about is making you happy. Your friend’s girlfriend: Hid away in her room because she hated her teacher for yelling at her for no reason. Has a boyfriend. You hypnotized her into coming to school. More Characters Your friend’s sister: She used to be a great student, but the stress was too much and she hid in her room. You hypnotized her into coming to school. She’s afraid of strangers, so you’re the only person she knows. The neighbor girl: A quiet girl who became a hikikomori because she’s bad at communicating. You’re the only person she can really talk to. You are her only link to the world, and she comes to school just to see you.

Circle:UWASANO EroRadioHead


Genre:School / Academy,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Pregnancy / Impregnation,Hypnosis

Release date:11/14/2020