Panda Mimi Maid Fighter Mari-chan!

Mari-chan is a next door Panda Maid, one day her Master disappears, she goes the forest searching for him but what she finds is the females been molested by some dangerous males… In the end even Mari-chan was got in the trouble, there’s no way but fight! If she lose they’ll fuck her too! Fight Mari-chan! This is a pixel animation collection with a total of 5 different characters and dialogs in English and Japanese. It’s a html(browser) game. Please try the demo version for compatibility. pixel art / Interspecies Sex / Outdoor Sex / Animal Ears (kemono mimi) (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Hoodie Corp


Genre:Dot / Pixel,Swimwear,Outdoor,Outdoor Sex,Interspecies Sex,Animal Ears

Release date:02/02/2023