Returning the favor of the dog

Simulation of living together with a dog Translated with DeepL (free version) The puppy I rescued (Chill) was turned into a canine-eared girl one day. They don’t speak very well at first, but as they play and learn, they will gradually learn the language and be able to communicate with you more deeply. [Caring for them] Chill loves you for raising her. Depending on what you learn together, she’ll learn to cook with you or become a slutty dog who loves to get laid. [Endless cohabitation] There is a story, but no clear ending. Enjoy a little magical cohabitation with Chill. Information about crashes, etc. is sent via the Internet. You don’t need an internet connection to play! You can see our progress on cien, so please follow me! If you find bugs or have requests, please visit twitter and discord. If you have time, please fill a survey. Interactive H-simulation Touch Chill’s body directly and make her feel good. You may be confused before you get used to it, but as you get to know Chill, you’ll become more aggressive. Because it is 3D, you can move the camera freely and enjoy it from any point of view. You can freely change the clothes you wear. The protagonist, who at first ran out of strength after just one ejaculation, gradually becomes stronger as he lives with Chill. Apart from this, there is also a dramatic H scene. Highly flexible dress-up system As well as clothing, you can set the color of your hair to the color of your eyes. There are no limits to the number of combinations! And, of course, you can make out in any way you like. If it’s well received, it might be more customizable in the update? Enhanced configuration features Not only can the background be turned on and off, but it can also be semi-transparent. You can finely control the display of male characters and male genitalia as well. The audio volume can be freely adjusted at any time for your comfort. Just press F11 to take a screenshot on the spot! In the title screen, you can set the language, screen resolution, camera sensitivity, reverse settings, etc. It can be adjusted in more detail.



Genre:Healing,Touch / Feel,Clothes Changing / Dress up,3D Works,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Animal Ears,Big Breasts

Release date:05/01/2020