Seedbed Wars!

You have been brought into being as the overseer of “Seedbed Dungeon”, and you have but a singular purpose: turn witch girls into seedbeds, and siphon their magic! Don’t let a single one of them escape your devious wrath! Gameplay A line defense game in which your seedbeds give you MP and resources which can be used to summon monsters. It’s up to your monsters to defeat the incoming witches, and turn them into seedbeds for siphoning. Violate the witches to get 5 different types of resources (MP, eggs, slime, urine, breast milk) Gather resources, summon monsters, find out your enemy’s weaknesses, exploit them, then violate them! About Seedbeds Seedbeded witches are animated with Live2D. 10 animations (standby, etc.) are included + climax animations 6 unique characters, as well as randomly generated characters can be turned into seedbeds. Getting certain achievements allows you to edit appearance and voice. H Scenes 13 base HCG 176 CG total including variations Both standard events and H event scenes are fully voiced. The full version includes a full CG unlock options in the settings. Characters Lila Dark CV: Lilim. Uzuki The creator of Seedbed Dungeon. In other words, the creator of “you”. She uses a copy of Lila Mentor for her body. Lila Mentor CV: Lilim. Uzuki A witch girl that first arrives at the Seedbed Dungeon. The protagonist of the previous game, but this is a parallel world, so there are no story connections. Flare Prominence CV: Ryou Suzuki A meddlesome fire witch that always causes trouble while adventuring. Reina Icicle CV: Ryou Suzuki A stern ice witch who dotes over her friends. Her self-assured personality means that her anus must be weak to pleasure! Laika Tempest CV: Phan Masaki A taciturn thunder witch whose interests and motivation are fleeting. Stem Yggdrasil CV: Phan Masaki A calm plant witch who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, even when she probably should. She loves reading books, and is a hidden perv. Big tits too. Note Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility. In particular, Android operation may vary from device to device, so be sure to test the game first.

Circle:ZNZN Games


Genre:Loli,Magician / Witch,Fantasy,Pleasure Corruption,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex,Clit Teasing

Release date:04/30/2022