Swimsuit Girl Pleasure Torture Simulation [Never-ending Orgasmic Hell in the Gym Storeroom]

[Synopsis] Sakura Tsukisaka is in the locker room after classes one day when she is captured by someone. Blindfolded and gagged, she is imprisoned in the gym’s storage room. Plied with aphrodisiacs, her body grows more sensitive and she is subjected to unending pleasure torture. [Caution] The realtime Live2D animations have minimum system requirements. Please download and run the trial ver. / demo before purchase to check compatibility. Contents 7 Different H Scenes! Nipple Teasing, Electric Massager, Double Penetration, Irrumatio, Crotch Rope, Machine Sex, Suspension Choose between Story Mode or Free Mode for all scenes! Story Mode Fully voiced, fully animated! Plenty of options for you to customize! Free Mode Menus for each scene! Use auto mode or just your mouse to make her cum until you’re satisfied! Realtime Reactions ** Concept ** To make the game as practical as possible, almost all the tools are available from the beginning. * No training or achievement systems. In Story Mode, you can enjoy things from the heroine’s POV, while in Free Mode, you can enjoy things from the tormentor’s POV. Story Mode Features: Repeat and rewind functions allow to you enjoy your favorite scene as many times as you want. Her gag is always on. Free Mode Features: Tease her with your mouse, or let the automatic loop do the teasing for you. Torture her until she passes out, or change the settings so she remains conscious. Certain scenes have special options, such as aphrodisiacs and stopping time. [Credits] Material Accreditation: – Pierrot lunaire (Tsuki ni Tsukareta Piero) (BGM, SE) – On-Jin (SE) – Sound Effect Materials by tigerlily (SE) – okojo suisei (SE) – “Various Sound Effects 100” by Die Brust (BGS, SE) – erosounds (SE) CV: Uira Komachi Choose your preferred shine / gloss style and transparency level. Story Mode: Mini-games and your choices might let you see something a little different! Play the mini-games as many times as you like with the Back button! Free Mode: Use toys, aphrodisiacs, time-stopping, and more to force her to keep cumming! Free Mode: Her voice changes depending on the type of gag! The same scene can be enjoyed four-fold!



Genre:Touch / Feel,Successive Orgasms,Collar / Chain / Restraints,School Swimwear,Restraint,Coercion / Compulsion,Machine Sex

Release date:11/26/2023