[VR / Non VR Compatible] Girl Stuck in a Hole

Story One day, you’re casually walking along the street when you discover a girl that’s stuck inside a hole. Since she doesn’t want me to call for more help, it’s up to me to save her alone. Whether by shaking her hips, stripping her, peeping on her, getting her wet, or pushing against her!? Use whatever means at your disposal to get her out of the hole! …and find out why she’s in such a hurry to escape! Gameplay – Get handsy Switching to different “hands”, each with their own purpose, lets you perform different actions on her body. For example, the pinch hand can pinch her skirt or ass, and the “open hand” can spank her ass. – Progression Lock If you want to halt progress of the scenario and just enjoy teasing the girl, you can do so with the (scenario) Progression Lock feature! – Hints It can be hard to figure out what to do next with VR games, so we’ve provided a Hint feature for if you get stuck. – There’s regular sex too After clearing the game, there’s a bonus scenario where you feel up her breasts too. – VR ON / OFF Toggle The game was made with VR in mind, but you can also enjoy the game without it! You can play the full contents of the game even if you don’t have a VR device. VR can be toggled ON / OFF at any time in game. Real Time CG! – “PuniPuni Engine” This soft body physics simulator does thousands of real-time simulations to give you the most realistic movement in VR. Realize your wet dreams by stripping, pulling, pinching and more! – Illustration-like graphics Subsurface scattering gives her skin that translucent quality. – Procedural motion The girl’s animated reactions to the players dick is natural, and procedurally generated. Includes active mode for player movement, and passive mode for the girl’s movement (cowgirl, etc.) – Effects Shoot your cum over her body wherever you like (except the face). The fluid’s trajectory will be realistically calculated. Interactive Elements – Cross-section See her pussy expand when you creampie her! Watch the cum drip out of her open pussy after! Cross-sections include fluid dynamics. – Stringy fluid See those sexy, realistic string that come from French kissing, cunnilingus, penetration, etc. – Ass spanking With an ass like that in front of you, you might find yourself spanking that butt without even thinking! Credits Character design / idea / 3D modeling / programming ARYKEI Main scenario: O:ne Bonus scenario: Yumeha Kisaragi CV: Yumeha Kisaragi Other Engine: Unity Girls: 1 Playtime: Approx. 1 hour * Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility. * Development environment: Core i7-7820HK,GTX1070, 16GB RAM. VivePro was used for VR during development.



Genre:Buttocks,Breasts,Cross-section View,3D Works,Student,Outdoor,Urination / Peeing

Release date:03/26/2021