You will never guess what happened when a beautiful office lady ...

** Story In a high-class office block in the city, we find the company “Tokyo YGC Consultancy Service” Emi Katase wears high-heel shoes and panty stockings and works in that company. ——- Name: Emi Katase Age: 24 Body measurements: 156 cm 53kg 96/58/90 H-Cup Hair type: Long black hair. Personality: Gentle type who won’t speak up too much. Personal history: Office lady who worked in a city company after graduating university. Has been working for 2 years. ——- She is working in a company with a high male:female ratio of 9:1. “Emi Katase” uses the elevator as normal. When she tries to get off at her target floor, the door suddenly closes….and she gets stuck. “Aahh! The door….ahh…hey…no….help me” “Emi Katase”, unable to move, seeks help Hearing her screams and wondering what is happening, male employees gather around… Male employees just happened to get on board… Aah…ahh..I am stuck..I cannot move…quickly..the door..uh! The girl in front of them was stuck with her top half and bottom half wedged in the door. The men in the company, which had a high male/female ratio were very horny. That was even more the case when faced with this young beauty, and the voluptuous breasts of this OL in her panty stockings was visible from above her clothes. The screams of “Emi Katase” turned into panting… ** Touching game It is possible to thoroughly bang the office lady stuck in the door from both the front and behind. You can stroke her arse, rip her panty stockings, and rub her breastst… As you go up the levels, you can choose her clothing freely. (The design is focused on going through he levels, so you dress her) This can be simply operated using the mouse, so you can fully enjoy the wretched screams of the office lady, as well as the animation. ** Others Image size: 1024 x 768 pixels Illustration: Muo Voice: Shiori Manaka You can start up the game straight away. There is no need to install anything. This product contains overlapping content with: “Office Lady Who Looks Good in Stockings Gets Trapped in an Elevator Door (RE264374)”.



Genre:Touch / Feel,Breasts,OL,Violation,Blowjob / Fellatio,Rape

Release date:11/15/2019