A ROBOT This Sexy Should Have MOE-AI To Match!!!

Domestic sexbots with advanced AI have been on the market for years. I have one of these robots, but the quality just isn’t up to my standard. My modded sexbot is almost ready, but the AI is hardly what they promised… How can a sexbot have so little charm!? Look at this hot f*ckable appliance. What she needs is to LEARN organically that her METAL BODY is super hot. The heartful ero story of a sexy-as-hell robot discovering true self-awareness. 27 CG base images / 248 total images incl. text-free 1600×1200 size

Circle:Strange coquetry


Genre:Fetish,Predictable Story,Humanoid Robot,Romance,Romance,Romance,Twin Tail

Release date:Mar/07/2016