Boukougai 2 (The Street of Violence 2)!

Late night at the subway hallway, a girl waits for a train. Suddenly, a man in work uniform appears and chases her. She tries to escape, but become trapped at the corner….and tragedy happens. – Frame volume has increased by x3.5 from the previous work. (Around 83,000 frames + 30 fps.) It is an ultimate virgin violation animation. – Screen size: 800 x 450 pixels. Aspect ratio: 16:9, compatible with wide screen. – 4 times more animation compression rate compared to the previous work. Decreased HDD cost and PC stress by streaming replay. – Chapter menu enables you to select ideal scenes always. – Multi-angle enables you to see the scene from various angles. – Voiced by sporty decent girl type Satsuki Yukiya. This work uses 3D polygon animation to illustrate male character to express its shadiness. Unlike the previous work, it does not have an option to disable the presence of male character. This program only runs in the environment where multi-byte character is not included. Information, Movie interface and instructions are written in English language. The localization was done by the circle. Voice: Japanese. No English subtitles for dialogue.



Genre:Internal Cumshot,Violation,Pervert,Rape,Big Breasts,Virgin Female

Release date:Aug/03/2008