Broken Doll 08 SOS - Onahole Teacher!

SOS School Of Sex is a secret school where male students may fu*k their teacher and do anything sexual to them, while the male teachers may fuck their young female students. (More details inside). Shizuka (32) is a young wife that have a huge debt to a mafia boss thanks to her gambler husband. She need a huge amount of money if she don’t want anything happen to her husband or her only son. So, she applied to the SOS as new teacher. Luckily she got the B Class with only 3 students to teach. CG + Story Total : 38 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Teacher,School,Humiliation,Orgy Sex,Rape,Anal,Big Breasts

Release date:Jun/15/2015