CHO-BIN ~Cross Species Lovers~!

CG Collection of Nic* Robin calming Ch*pper’s erection by let him f*ck her. When on Floating Island, Ch*pper eat a fruit that contain high aphrosidiac that make him erect. But he doesn’t know what to do and just stroking his monster dick against a tree. Nic* Robin saw that ! As a matured woman with many experience (include sex), she know exactly what to do. So, she bring Ch*pper to the nearby cave and offer her super hot body to calm the libido of the horny beast ! One thing for sure, their life won’t be the same again after this ~ Contain beastf*ck (beastiality) Total 23 CGs (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set


Release date:Dec/02/2013