CyberDimension Sextoonia: Re;Write 1!

CyberDimension Sextoonia: Re;Write 1 is a zany and kinky English language comic. Nap-Nap and Iris Hard are rather perverted enjoying anal and oral sex and a few other unmentionable acts. Iris Hard is a futanari with a sadist streak and Nap-Nap obsesses over creamy fluids. Randy, the notorious pirate gets punished by Iris Hard in an obscene manner. Randy probably never imagined her own weapon would be used against her in such a way! > > Comic is provided in PDF and JPG formats for easy viewing. Contains over 90 renders in the 37 page comic. > > 37 English language pages (text free jpgs also available) > 13 Bonus Images > All comic pages are 1500×2000 pixels.

Circle:Charm Crew Complete

Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Hentai Manga

Genre:Lots of White Cream/Juices,Comedy,Anal,Big Breasts,Futanari/Dick girl,Large Cock

Release date:Jul/25/2015