Dancing F - Nami Extreme (English translated version)!

English subtitles (Voice: Original Japanese version) – Nami, finally condemned… ! Story Despite being restrained by enemy pirates and being made to cum over and over again, Nami’s spirit won’t be broken easily! But now… collared and trained like a dog with the Noronoro choker, Nami definitely won’t be able to cum. Throughout constant nipple teasing and the relentless penetration of her pussy, she feels again and again as though she’s about to cum… except that she can’t! She wants to cum, but she can’t… Finally unable to endure it any longer, she willingly cries out… … I’ll be your sex slave for the rest of my life, so… Please! Make me cum!! – The long awaited Nami makes her appearance in the top quality guaranteed Extreme Series! – Keep her from cumming ‘til she begs for it. New game system featuring a Pester Mode. * Even if Nami looks ready to cum, select the Don’t make her cum option, and watch as she is forced to endure more, bit by bit. * Adjust your reactions, from forcibly cumming inside her, to cumming outside on her face. Make her cum in different ways, with 6 alternate variations. * Punish and train her until she finally gives in and pleads for release, Please, please make me cummm!! And then finally, the explosive cumming scene… – Score a bombardment of multiple hits! Introduction of new technology, the Assault Combo System. * While bombarding Nami with hits, the animation of her shaking breasts increases, and your Hit Count goes up! * Aim for 10 Hits or more with different combinations! * While her breasts are shaking fluidly in a 30 second frame, go ahead and pinch her, lick her ear and kiss her. * Comes equipped with many extra, different voice recordings of her pleading. – An increasing number of tips and techniques for improvement are provided. * For example, Lick inside her ear, Aphrodisiac Injection, Nipple Vibrator. Enjoy the different responses you receive from experimenting with a range of different techniques. * Comes equipped with a function enabling you to choose voices. Choose between Female voice only, and Full voice. * Comes equipped with full-motion view of all breast jiggling. * Engage the new dock-like operation panel, or alternatively enjoy a panoramic view. * Interact with the full-screen display using all-new features. Pause at any frame you like by using the Pause/Play button. * Absolutely no compromise was made on any part of this game. Please enjoy tormenting Nami in this game. You can be sure it is of the highest quality. – A free demo of the original full-color, fully-voiced Crimson Nami Extreme Flash based animation game is available. For more details, please visit this link: https://dcq.sakura.ne.jp/~dancing/seihin_dcq017.htm

Circle:Dancing Queen


Genre:Bukkake,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Sexual Training,Rape,Big Breasts

Release date:Apr/21/2007