Digital Comic Collections (Language: English)!

To all the mama’s boys out there who love tall women with big builds, exploding with tits and ass, to all of the masochist guys out there, we’ve made this digital comic collection just for you! This collection includes 3 of our past works, GEEK PROJECT, MOTHERS SMOTHER and WOMB. Each of these titles contains exactly the same content as their predecessors with the same title. GEEK PROJECT is a story in which a strange otaku confines a mature, attractive lady in a remote mountain retreat (21 pages). MOTHERS SMOTHER is a story in which a small man is confined in an elevator with 4 lovely, mature women (21 pages). WOMB is a story about a strange sex club filled with giant attractive women and ladies with huge asses (19 page comic plus 2 CG color images).

Circle:Ranmaru Graphics

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Mature Woman/Milf,Breast Sex,Breast Milk,Milking,Woman Rapes Man,Big Breasts

Release date:Aug/21/2007