Donevan's WrestleMania!

Donevan has only a few hobbies: One of his hobbies is Wrestling. He loves to watch the matches on TV, and he joined the junior school team just a few months ago. There he met Deke, a very nice boy around his age. Whenever there is time after school, Donevan and Deke like to practice some new moves. On day in Summer, when it is very hot outside, Deke has the idea of doing all those practicing nude. It doesn’t take very long that the boys have other things in mind then Wrestling. Especially since Donevan knows that he’s not the only one with a very huge cock. He has seen Deke under the shower after training but didn’t dare to ask if … maybe … Deke would be interested in something else then Wrestling …


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Yaoi first-love wrestling manga

Genre:Boy,Masturbation,Large Cock

Release date:Jun/27/2017