Door to the Dream 2 - Teasing Time -!

Beyond the door, there’s the world you have longed for. You are in a space where you can control the time freely. If you can stop time, what will you do to a pretty girl? This is the second fully-voiced 3D animated story presented by Love Object. Watch, touch, move and a lots of other things to tease the girl and feel good! Please try the demo version to check the compatibility. Size: 800×600 More than 170 animated scenes. The girl is fully voiced by Yuzuha Nagase With sound effects. 3 finishing patterns available.


Categories:Software,Anime / 3D original loli movie

Genre:Loli,Gym Shorts,Coercion,Internal Cumshot,Tiny Breasts,Hairless

Release date:Jan/13/2012