Ero Gro Ideas Note (English version)!

A trio of digital comics by Ranmaru Graphics. Episode 1 Nursing Queen: A royal milf loves men to drink from her milky huge breasts. Episode 2 Manvorous Plant: A plant that feeds on sperm has evolved to perfectly mimic a female to attract prey. Episode 3 Vagina Vore: A webcam guy breaks into a room where he’s swallowed into the vagina of a giant woman. 4 pages of covers (text-only versions) + 24 pages of manga content (with illustrations) = 28 total pages Recommended for fetish fans of: – being spoiled by a corpulent mama type – being softly dominated (masochist male) – sensual VORE (swallowed alive) – milking, huge breasts and huge asses

Circle:Ranmaru Graphics

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Fetish,Maniac,Vore,Breast Milk,Woman Rapes Man,Tall Woman

Release date:Nov/21/2013