Final Tribe [Part 1 - The Journey Begin]!

A story of the last Wolf Tribe survivor to find and defeat the evil Tiger King. Made with RPG style story where Hyuuga, the last Wolf Anima in searching his way to the Primate Mountain to defeat Tiger King. He will not only find many allies but also foes in his journey. And when the time come, he will have to face the last boss himself. Starring in the part 1 : 1. Hyuuga as himself : Wolf Anima, Tribe Hero 2. Yun? (FFX) as Yuuna : Eagle Anima, Healer 3. Tif? (FFVII) as Tiffana : Cow Anima, Cattle 4. Q?istis (FFVIII) as Quistine : Human, Sheriff 5. Rydi? (FFVI) as Rydeea : Snake Anima, Scientist Anima appear in the part 1 : Eagle, Horse & Cow. So this product contain beastiality and brutality. Total image: 66


Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Rape,Tentacle,Big Breasts

Release date:Aug/19/2011