@FUTA SHOCK with Withering to Death!

2017/5 updating. English script added. Some translations of this work uploaded without permission are partially re-translated. In the update we added 4 pictures. However, the translation script of the four pictures is not prepared yet. I will update again at the end of May. Please wait for translation script of additional picture. Saga-san! (Omitted) FAKESTAR:PURGE It doesn’t just end with that…! The aftershock continues…! Shemales Katori and Kuuna buttf*cking submissive men and boys 6 works, 84 total incl. variations, 71 text-free versions PDF also included for fapping on the go with your smartphone, iPad (PDF version have embedded text, not text-free versions)

Circle:Spray’n Pray

Categories:Software,CG Set


Release date:Dec/20/2016