Fuwapoyo crimson/catfight comic (English version)!

Kensuke and Ryoko became friends since they were young. Ryoko has been loving Kensuke for more than 10 years. Riko met Kensuke at a part time job and she is also falling in love with him. Ryoko hates Riko because she always flirt outrageously with Kensuke. Riko hates Ryoko because she can’t be apart from Kensuke,although she isn’t his girlfriend. In summer,the two girls had a quarrel,so Kensuke let them meet each other on the Christmas night. And this time,he created a special rule to make a final dicision. The content >> black and white 20 pages. This product has been upgraded to English version on Jan 4, 2009.


Categories:Software,Digital Comic


Release date:Mar/13/2008