Gags 2 - 2 Tight 2 Curious!

Gags 2 – 2 tight 2 curious Gag Snob is back with a new, lavishly illustrated e-book, totally dedicated to tightly bound and thoroughly gagged girls! This is a quasi-continuation of Gags that won’t make her run away, which can be enjoyed independently of the first part of course. It explores a few gag variants the first e-book did not cover, but also re-explores many popular gagging methods just for the fun of it! In comparison the first e-book there are way more full-body shots, but less analytical writings. Less fact book, more entertainment! – 86 pages – over 60 black and white hand drawn gag & bondage pictures – Raunchy descriptions – Informative remarks Several naughty mini short stories – The longer short story Scouts Honor Pure joy for true gag enthusiasts!

Circle:Gag Snob

Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Fetishistic Artbook

Genre:Bondage,Tight Binding,Restraint

Release date:Sep/11/2017