HARAPAN - Three Sacrifices -!

A gut punching kisekae (clothes change) HTML game with 1 base image + variations Backgrounds (18 types + 3 color variants) Transparency setting Volume setting Gut punch voice setting Gut punch effects setting Loop replay voice Dialogue (4 patterns) (3 have the same words) Auto punch feature: slow ~ heinous No.1 Yukiko Itoshima No.2 Kaduki Miyoshi No.3 Mari Tatebayashi * Please check the trial version to confirm compatibility. * Recommend updating your browser settings if there is an issue. * Due to the size of artwork, there may be some delay time. CVs: Rutolo Nanagi Ren Momoka Yomogi Mochi

Circle:Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise


Genre:Clothes Changing,Uniform,Restraint,Pervert,Gut Punch,Torture,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Aug/01/2015