Harvest Moo Vol 2 - Back to NTR!

English Version 8 years after the first Harvest Moo story, Player 1 is back to Milkneral Town to check how the Moo Moo Girls doing now. And he will be very surprised because they are not that little milk cows anymore, but now they have grown into big beautiful milky mothers!!! Not only the 5 girls have become busty mamas now, but there’s also rumours that they are cheating with other men other than their own husband. So, Player 1 come back to ‘investigate’ it with his old G-Shark codes trick. *Caution* Contain Lactation, Pregnancy, NTR and a little Bestiality. Story Mode : 23 pages CG Gallery : 37 pages Total : 60 pages, saved in highest quality JPEG

Circle:Milk Cow Factory

Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CGs + Novel


Release date:Oct/18/2017