I wanna be spanked!

Lars was a naughty boy. He wanked in a public park. His parents send him to a so called Whipping Boy also known as Punisher, to get punished for his naughty behavior. Lars lives in a very special town, where boys won’t be punished by their parents but by the whipping boys, who teach them a lesson in good behavior. Donevan is one of those whipping boys and well know in town for his soft hearted soul. But with Lars he don’t want to show mercy … after awhile a magical moment changes all that: Donevan falls in love with Lars. And Lars has the same feelings for Donevan … They spend the whole afternoon spanking and fucking each other … maybe a start for a love story!


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Yaoi spanking / bondage manga

Genre:Bondage,Boys Love,Yaoi,Tight Binding,Spanking,Torture

Release date:Jun/23/2017