InterRacial Love 4 - Ghost Love Story!

CG Collection + Story of the oldest interracial love in history since ancient times, which is the forbidden love between human and ghost. How it started ? How it ended ? Taku Otawara is a fat otaku who often got bullied at school until he decide to do suicide. When he want to watch his most favourite anime for the last time, he found a weird CD and play it. After watch it for a while, the urban legend female ghost come out from the monitor. She is Sayako who known for killing anyone watching the video. What will happen next ? How Taku make Sayako fall in love with him, instead of killing him ??? Story Mode : 22 pages CG Only : 20 pages Total : 42 pages (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Hentai CG Story Collection

Genre:Fetish,Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Ghost,Big Breasts

Release date:Mar/20/2017