Jinko_shojo II: DO androids dream of F*ck?!

The second part of the Jinko-Shojo Chronicle. The professor and his prototype are missing, whereabouts unknown. The project however is proceeding with the remaining A.I shell he had developed before leaving. A rogue programmer however has been accessing the A.I to expand her programming.. finally uploading himself to the mainframe to have intercourse with the A.I… this 8 minute plus animation features hot erotic sex between the android AI and the programmer, in a number of erotic positions, including oral sex and anal penetration. the programmer finally ejaculates inside the A.I.. causing a system overload. Enjoy this animation & await the 3rd part of this chronicle.


Categories:Software,Anime / Fantasy Sci-Fi Erotica

Genre:Anime,Loli,Younger Sister,Decadent/Immoral,Anal,Robot Sex

Release date:Jul/04/2017