K's Vice (English version)!

Ryoya Sayama stole some secret data from his opposing group named Kichijyouji-gumi. Trying to run from their pursuit, he found refuge in a backstreet shop. It was a beauty salon managed by a woman called K. K urged him to undergo the operation of the salon saying that he needs to disguise in order to escape. That was the beginning. When he realized what was done to him, it was too late. He was injected a significant dose of female hormone and subjected to a hypnosis to be a woman. He was even clothed with a frilled panier and glossy stockings with a very feminine hairstyle, which would never be taken off and restored to original state. K’s vice modified Ryoya’s body to that of a female prostitute in one night. He was then threw away to the shop where hungry men were waiting impatiently…


Categories:Software,Digital Comic


Release date:May/15/2010