Labyrinth Sophia (English version)!

Ancient and legendary Greece. Crete Island, Minoan Era – a time of Minotaurs, half man and half beast. It was also a time of war between men and gods. The virginess Pasiphae, bride to King Minos, was cursed by Poseidon with the birth of a monstrous child. To contain the monster, King Minos constructed an elaborate dungeon – a labyrinth womb from which escape was impossible. Decades passed. To favor the king’s life, Sophia, descendent of a trio of goddesses known as The Fates, ventured into the sealed labyrinth, her sword Quicksilver firmly in grasp. She was a mere 20 years old, and unprepared for the horror to come… *** VERY high quality CG plus 3D ANIMATION tentacle assault play! An original tale of monster hunting fused with epic Greek mythos! *** Requires Flash player 10 Each scene includes hi-res JPEG images Background music included A sequel is in production. On October 25th 2010, this title is updated to ENGLISH version! Registered users can obtain it by re-downloading the product for free! English version also contains exclusive bonus: high-quality files of music used in the game!




Release date:Oct/16/2010