- little ballerina - HINA BITCH! 2 EX (EXTENDED BAD ENDING)!

3rd in the series! The extended bad ending to – little ballerina – HINA BITCH! 2. Everything is new! The quality is even higher with viscous fluids! Interspecies sex with a creature of limit-busting size! Countless tentacles and thick phallus destroy every hole! The female form is atrociously deformed! The banquet of the demon world, has reached its conclusion … She is immortal in an eternally perverse hell… A suffering heroine-turned-sex toy! 1280×720 resolution MP4 format 27 min 36 sec full movie! Fully voiced! Voice: Mashiro Sato



Genre:Lots of White Cream/Juices,Internal Cumshot,Tentacle,Stretch/Expansion,Interspecies Sex,Pregnant Woman

Release date:Apr/20/2015