Monster Buster Tickling Maiden!

Tickling Maiden is the monster girl buster whose finishing move is tickling! An eternal loli vixen behaves arrogantly in the human village! It’s time to punish! * Contains: tentacle / consecutive orgasms / slight hardcore Full color 23 pages with voices (16 minutes 54 seconds) Automatic paging function and Narrative video (mp4) included Voice: japanese / Texts: English & Japanese CV: Megumu Morino Illustraion: Tankobu Kids Scenario / Editing / Others: Cocho Communication [Characters] Shrine Maiden: Mikoto Tengenji Birth: 15th April Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 165cm Weight: 46kg Blood Type: AB B-W-H: 90-60-85 Both-handed Hobbies: Playing with dog / Fortune telling with animal signs / Monster girl hunting Vixen: Tsune Kitsunesaki Birth: 3rd January Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Height: 145cm Weight: 37kg Blood Type: O B-W-H: 73-55-77 Right-handed Hobbies: Eating Aburaage / Walking around / Ridiculing humans. (Voice: Japanese / Texts: English & Japanese)



Genre:Urination,Lesbian,Tickling,Tentacle,Animal Ears,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Aug/11/2017