Navel f*ck - 3 foods -!

+++ There is a grotesque representation in this work. +++ This is a Browser Animation. ///////////////////////////////// #STEP1 : Restraint Tentacle will constrain the food #STEP2 : Aim It will aim the navel #STEP3 : Pierce Plug the tentacles to food #STEP4 : Digestive fluid injection Is injected digestion solution, dissolve #STEP5 : Piston Tentacle will piston movement #STEP6 : Stir Tentacles will stir #STEP7 : Exploring Examine the digestion situation #STEP8 : Meal Tentacles will eat #STEP9 : It’s very delicious! It’s very delicious! ///////////////////////////////// #function speed change Tentacles change Dress Up Change skin color, hair color Volume control Tentacles of click operation Japanese / English switching ///////////////////////////////// #Operation check Windows7 Chrome 43 IE 11.0 FireFox 38.0 Recommended browser : Chrome latest version , IE latest version , FireFox latest version Since the image size is large , it may take some time to load . Operation may be slow depending on your use of PC specs . ///////////////////////////////// #CREDIT food no.1 CV : Mochi-Yomogi CG : nns food no.2 CV : Keigo-Ayase CG : Dagashiya food no.3 CV : Ao-inukai CG : Nekozukinn Production:Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise

Circle:Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise


Genre:Clothes Changing,Pervert,Tentacle,Psychotic,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Sep/25/2015