Nicole Heat - More Men!

Wanna know what could make a cutie like me want to do porn? The answer is simple: the exciting world of porn can suck a young girl in so easily. Like a huge black hole in space sucking in a tiny little star. I was so excited and scared when I entered this world of lust and debauchery for the first time. Countless cocks and gallons of cum quickly washed off that lying mask that society standards had put on my face. Here on the pages of my blog I will try to tell you all the truth about the things that happened to me and the way I felt when I began my career in adult entertainment biz! This story will tell you about my first GANG-BANG!

Circle:Ad Motion


Genre:Orgy Sex,Anal,Stretch/Expansion,Blonde Hair,Hairless

Release date:Oct/13/2012