No Fun Anymore!

There comes that day in your life, when you leave the child behind and become a man, a grown up with all the desires of an adult, even that you still look young. But you already know what you want, and what you don’t want. And it is about time to find out how that thing called love will work for you … Ryan loves to cross-dress and to find his own way into the adult world. He loves to wear leather strings and restrains and knows, that these fetishes are something he better keep for himself. But one day, after he found out for himself that he is gay, Ryan meets Gabriel, and with that boy he wants to have his very first sex in life. Last year, Gabriel and he played together at the playground, but today their play will be different. The cuddling and fooling around will finally end in something they will never forget …


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Gay comic

Genre:Homosexual,Bondage,First Experience,Boys Love,Yaoi,Masturbation

Release date:Jun/20/2017