Polon memories underwater reverie (Language: English)!

A young girl came from a small island. Allegedly. Her name was Polon. She loved to swim, or to be precise, stay under water. Something mystical, almost mythical, about her love of the water… (English language version) The translation was done by the circle. 12 illustrations + 4 reorganized types for 16 total. (all works are unreleased illustrations except for one) 1900×1200 HD, resized into 3 patterns for easy viewing Full screen oceanic animation via UW image viewer. Atmospheric audio effects (water) can be enjoyed. Subtitles provide a mini adventure game feeling. * Created for Core2/Atom CPU but can likely be used with older systems * No DirectX or high spec requirements – simply enjoy!


Categories:Software,CG Set


Release date:Mar/09/2011