Pure Soldier OTOMAIDEN (English Edition)!

Otomaidens fight to protect citizens from evil! Aira Hino used to be just another girl at Hoshizora High School. One year ago on her way home she heard a cry for help, and answered it. That was how she met Yuri. That was how it all began. I’ve been waiting for you—–. Yuri was defeated, but as a Pure Soldier she conferred her power to Aira. One year later, Aira and new recruit Luna Yoshiroe have finally tracked her nemesis, Serpent Queen, Jaki, and are going to avenge Yuri! Pure Soldier OTOMAIDEN: Includes sections 1~3 Official webpage: https://i-rabi.jp/otomaiden/


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Loli,Transforming Girl,Uniform

Release date:Oct/18/2014