Resident Of The Dead - Ep. 1 Prologue!

Hentai Manga of the main characters from Resident Ev*l sagas & Highschool of the De*d. This product is a prequel story of what will happen in next product, Resident of the Dead – Ep.2 Epiloque. Most of the pages doesn’t contain sex scenes (only 1 page contain it). And this product also show how the characters dead. So, there will be death inside. List of Characters : FILE #01 R*becca Chambers (RE0) FILE #02 Cla*re Redfield (RE2) FILE #03 Ann*tte Birkin (RE2) FILE #04 Shirl*y Birkin (RE2) FILE #05 J*ll Valentine (RE3) FILE #06 Ashl*y Graham (RE4) FILE #07 Sh*lma Alomar (RE5) FILE #08 Exc*lla Gionne (RE5) FILE #09 R*i Miyamoto (HOTD) FILE #10 S*eko Busujima (HOTD) FILE #11 S*ya Takagi (HOTD) FILE #12 Shiz*ka Marikawa (HOTD)


Categories:Software,Digital Comic


Release date:Apr/17/2012