Reversed sex violation club (Text: English)!

This is the ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Voice: Original Japanese version) Contents Girls who approach puberty with the overgrown body. In the monotonous school life, a secret club activity is born from a curiosity and desire for the sex. Your face is cute like a little boy but, here, this part of you is very vicious. Smiling, she looks directly into the eyes of her senior at school. She gently grabs his cock and sucks it to make him a slave to the pleasure. While he is a bit confused, she sits on him and stamps the ecstasy on his body… *Full 3D CG animation *Fully voiced by Amane Shina *Size: 768×432 (16:9) *Playtime: 18 minutes. *Windows Media Player Ver.9 or greater is required. *Please be sure to check that the demo version plays on your computer before purchasing. For Mac OS X users, wmv file is playable in Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X (Microsoft’s support period is expired), VLC media player or QuickTime with Flip4Mac plug-in. (all of the above are free) *Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X *VLC media player *Flip4Mac WMV Components for QuickTime



Genre:Uniform,School,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob,Woman Rapes Man,Big Breasts

Release date:Mar/12/2010