School Girl Crushes The Creepy Pet!

This boy has a weird choice of pet, a roach! One day at school, his friend suggested to use the roach to scare the girls, but unfortunately not all girls are afraid of roaches like they thought and the roach ended up under the soles of a beautiful and brave schoolgirl! The animation comes with 2 different angles (in FULL HD), the normal angle and the floor angle. In this animation I created a new feature where you will be able to feel like you are inside of the animation (Virtual Reality). You will have access to 4 different cameras with 360 degrees (4K, Ultra HD), where you can rotate and translate the camera to enjoy the crushing scene from different angles. You will be able to feel like the owner of the roach, seeing a schoolgirl crushing your lovely pet. It’s recommended to have the software GoPro VR Player to enjoy the Virtual Reality, this software is free, but in case you don’t want to install the software, I prepared the four cameras in private Vimeo links where you can enjoy the Virtual Reality in your browser, compatible with all devices.

Circle:Giantess Fetish

Categories:Software,Anime / JK Loli Digital Novel Anime


Release date:Apr/01/2017