Sexual harassment & cosplay customization!? Flip skirts and change outfits with Seku Meku, the sexy character editor. Choose from assorted items to adorn your character. Plus…!! Flip her skirt (mekkuru) and have a peek at her panties, or take them off! Outfit, item/hair/skin color, breast size and ear types are all customizable! Save your favorite characters. Create a dark elf or a saucy animal woman. Make a supermodel with light-colored areola or a titanium-clad knight! You can play the trial version with various customizations before purchase. 1000×1000 size art Outfit varieties: 56 Body varieties: 9 Eye varieties: 3 Hair varieties: 8 983 total files of data Updated to the English version.


Categories:Software,Others / Kisekae (Clothes Change)

Genre:Clothes Changing,Buttocks,Breasts,Underwear,Fantasy,Nekomimi (Cat Ears)

Release date:May/25/2015