Sex Rangers - The Capturing!

The sexy and busty, YELLOW and PINK Rangers captured by two men who claimed to be huge fans of the Rangers and have dreamed to do nasty things for a long time. Plot : When YELLOW & PINK transformed to fight the monsters, their body suddenly become so hot. All their erogenous areas feel like burning and super sensitive. Then two guys, wearing RED & GREEN Rangers show up and ready to do whatever they wanted for so long time to those very horny female rangers ! They can freely Kissing, Licking, Squeezing, Groping and F*cking YELLOW and PINK without much resistance !!! CG Only Version : 20 images Story Version : 9 images Total : 29 images (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set / Perverted CG Collection + Story


Release date:Aug/10/2017